- Lower blood pressure

- Increase metabolism
- Lower triglycerides
- Increase bone density
- Reduce low back pain
- Increase flexibility
- Lose body fat
- Increase muscle
- Lower resting heart rate

- Improve sleep

- improve functional ability
- Improve core strength
- Feel tone & firm
- Improve cardiovascular system
- Reduce lethargy
- Improve body awareness
- Support joint stability

​- Improve your quality of life

E Studio Personal Training specializes in a safe yet effective approach to exercise.  This form of exercise has proven to give you the greatest results in the least amount of time. You will have personal supervision during every workout to ensure proper form, intensity and safety on your journey to greater health.

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Slow-movement high-intensity exercise has proven to give you more results in less time, saving you both time and money.

You will need to work hard to justify a 30 minute once a week workout, so you deserve a treat in our bodywork chair when you're done.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete looking to gain a competitive edge, we will assess and progress you safely.

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Our personal trainers offer you one-on-one personalized attention from the moment you enter E Studio through every step of progressing you toward greater health.

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Client Testimonials

"After undergoing triple by-pass surgery in 2000 I met Bonnie.   Her passion for health, fitness and sensibility was contagious. With great dedication she has helped me to get strong and stay strong.  Like many people, I had tried several exercise programs only to join up and never follow through.  I have now been working at E Studio since the doors were first opened and look forward to my weekly workout.  E Studio is well equipped, clean, calming and very easy to get to.  Not to mention my favorite part, a brief upper body massage after my workout !!"
-Ellen S