Covid-19 Update

 Safety Measures:

  • The workspace at E Studio is limited to a maximum of four people. This includes staff and clients on the floor at any time in order to ensure a controlled environment


  • Trainers and clients wear CDC approved masks:

       Covers both your nose and mouth

       Fits snugly against sides of the face and under chin

       Can be secured with ties or ear loops

       Has multiple layers of fabric

       Allows for unrestricted breathing

       Fabric masks must be able to be laundered 

       No bandanas or neck gaiters 

       No exhalation valves 

  • Before entering the building, your trainer will take your temperature using a no contact thermometer


  • We are currently using the following CDC methods at all times in order to increase air circulation:

       Ceiling fans

       Windows opened

       Intake/exhaust fans in every window

       HEPA air filters

  • We observe the minimum 6 foot social distancing guidelines for the duration of the workout


  • Every piece of workout equipment is disinfected after each use


Affordable and Flexible


Weekly Sessions

This is the price for one 30 minute exercise session. This fee is paid directly to your personal trainer in Santa Rosa. We recommend working out only once per week and do not charge for advanced notice on sessions you cannot attend.


Monthly Membership

This is a monthly recurring fee independent of any weekly sessions purchased. This fee is paid directly to E Studio to cover fixed recurring expenses.

The Safest Way To Fitness

E Studio was practicing social distancing long before the Covid-19 pandemic popularized it. Since opening day May 5th 2005, E Studio has never had more than two members working out on the floor. A controlled workout environment allows the trainer to easily maintain social distancing, as well as privacy and focus every exercise session. Why take a chance on your health and safety at an over-crowded gym, when you can ensure the most private and safe exercise at E Studio Personal Training.