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"Your slow method  exercise program has made me stronger and more energetic.  I have also noticed that my body is tighter.  My arms, legs and abdomen have developed muscle and my fat is disappearing."
- Sandy G     7/21/2008

"I have never been in better shape in my life!  State of the art equipment, professional trainers, and a sincere interest in how you feel, each and every week.  In this busy world, I only need one half hour a week of my time to feel and look great.  I too highly recommend E Studio for anyone in Santa Rosa looking for an amazing work out experience. BEST. SLOW METHOD. WORKOUT. EVER."
-Lynn O     9/26/2013

"I received a gift certificate for my birthday for six training sessions with co-owner, Bonnie. My partner chose E Studio as a place I would like for several reasons. One, the staff she spoke with were knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, and focused. Second, the gym space is small and private. And lastly, because of the slow method that is both effective and challenging. 
My partner chose well and I indeed really liked the studio for all of those reasons. Bonnie is attentive, kind, compassionate, yet firm. The slow method is anything but easy. I saw results very quickly! 
I highly recommend E Studio in Santa Rosa for anyone; for those interested in fitness and for those needing the extra attention for a specific issue or illness."  
-Shannon S     5/1/2011

"E Studio has been a wonderful experience!
The studio is clean, quiet, and the equipment is very well maintained. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable in technique, form, and anatomy.  Using the slow method with their clients, they design a safe personal strength training program.  They take a special interest in your goals and have a very positive attitude toward helping you attain them.  They offer nutritional guidance for those interested in learning more about diet and nutrition.
The owners and creators of E Studio along with their staff are very intelligent, creative, professional and caring people.
Woohoo!  As good as it gets!
I have been client since they opened and will be for life!"   
-Lindsey H     4/24/2005

"I have been training with Bonnie Christopher at E Studio since 2006. My once a week, half-an-hour super-slow workouts have made a huge difference in my physical and mental wellbeing. The discipline I've integrated into my muscle tone, body memory, and psyche has seen me through some very difficult life situations that I've been able to navigate in part, because of the dedicated and experienced supervision of Bonnie and E Studio. I highly recommend the E Studio slow method for anyone's workout regimen, regardless of age, as the place to bring your body to a place of vibrant health."
-Lea G, Ph.D     4/24/2011

"I have worked out at E Studio in Santa Rosa for years.  In my life, I have done a lot of fitness and strength training.  The slow method workout at E Studio is very effective at building strength and fitness with a small amount of time each week.  Having a personal trainer makes a huge difference and their trainers are very well trained.  At the end of the workout, they give a short chair massage which is a delight.  At 66 years old, I don't want to spend hours each week lifting weights.  The short time spent each week at E Studio really pays off in  a happier and easier day-to-day life!" 
-Marc D     4/12/2014

"After undergoing triple by-pass surgery in 2000, I met Bonnie.   Her passion for health, fitness and sensibility was contagious. With great dedication she has helped me to get strong and stay strong.  Like many people, I had tried several exercise programs only to join up and never follow through.  I have now been working the slow method at E Studio in Santa Rosa since the doors were first opened and look forward to my weekly workout.  E Studio is well equipped, clean, calming and very easy to get to.  Not to mention my favorite part, a brief upper body massage after my workout !!"
-Ellen S     4/22/2005

"I'm 60+ and have read a lot about the importance of weight training for seniors -- I've worked with Falcon and Bonnie for... Gee, it must be 4 years now -- Their slow method of short, intense workouts on the machines has proven to be very effective for me -- I have a lot fewer problems with my lower back since I've strengthened those muscles, and my arm, leg and abdominal muscles are all much improved. I'm not a big fan of exercising, and for me, the combination of short, intense workouts once every week or two along with having a personal trainer to "encourage" me, has done the trick. I used to have a membership at a big gym where I could go whenever I wanted -- funny thing, I never wanted to go. But having an appointment, and the personal guidance of an experienced coach, is what it took for me to start strength training and stick with it!"
-Philip N     4/22/2005

"This studio is professional yet comfortable! Kendell knows so much about nutrition and the body!! I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a professional that listens with a big heart!!!"
-Bree P     12/28/2014

"Hey everyone out there! E Studio is the Best!
I have been training with Bonnie Christopher for over a year now and I feel fit and strong. I wish I had done this years ago. The studio is easy to get to and there is ample parking. The atmosphere is welcoming and professional and the equipment is in excellent condition.
I highly recommend E Studio in Santa Rosa if any of you want amazing results with a personal trainer."
-Lisa P     4/22/2011

"I was quite skeptical about working out one day a week, for under an hour.  I always believed that I had to sweat it out and punish my body at least three times a week to see any results.  But I have to say, I have seen more changes in my body with this workout than in any of my past experiences, and I'm a believer now."
- Christina B    11/14/2008

"E Studio's slow method program has increased my self-esteem, improved my muscle tone, straightened my posture and helped eliminate lower back pain.  Santa Rosa's E Studio is all that I could ever hope for in a place devoted to fitness."
- Joseph K     5/03/2006

"The training was a bit hard at first, but I figured I could do anything for a half hour per week.  I have steadily become stronger, healthier and happier.  My bachaches are gone and my knees no longer hurt.  I now move like a strong, healthy person."
- Pam W     1/09/2006