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Make The Most of Your Time

Time always seems to be of the essence these days. But good time management allows you to accomplish more in a shorter period of time. This leads to more free time, which lets you to make the most of your time and take advantage of opportunities to spend time with family and friends, work and enjoy life in general.

That’s why the clients at E Studio Personal Training choose to transform their lives with a 30-minute once-a-week exercise program. E Studio specializes in a safe-yet-effective approach to physical fitness that has proven to provide the greatest results in the least amount of time. Your professional and personal supervisor will monitor every workout to ensure proper form, intensity and safety.

Recent studies suggest that 20 minutes of strength training performed once a week provides the same results as 60 minutes of strength training three times a week. So why waste your time going to the local gym four days per week? Using your time well enables you to work smarter, not harder, so that you get more done in less time.

Maximize your time every day by heeding these three easy tips.

  1. Each evening, write a list of the next day’s activities and tasks that are most important to you, and prioritize them carefully. Why drive a half hour to your favorite supermarket when you can pick up the same items at a grocery store that’s right down the street?

  2. Figure out where your time actually goes. It may seem that you spend only 30 minutes answering emails, but if you time it, those missives might be eating up more than an hour. Compartmentalizing tasks lets you accomplish more of them.

  3. Devote a set and realistic time limit to each task.

When you're ready to maximize your strength-training regime in the least amount of time, come to E Studio Personal Training. Our trainers will help you choose the program that’s perfect for your needs and desires. Don’t hesitate to call us at 707-542-8900

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