Slow-Movement-High-Intensity Training
The Fastest Way To Fitness



Levi brings great energy to every client's unique fitness journey as he enjoys helping them reach their personal fitness goals at their own pace and intensity. Levi appreciates the effectiveness of the slow-movement-high-intensity program and the ability to achieve great results, in a short time while avoiding injury. Levi is looking forward to helping his clients long into the future, assisting in physical fitness and helping them live a better life.


Kendell combines her passion for health and wellness at E Studio where she guides and educates her clients through their journey towards greater wellness, energy and strength. Kendell specializes in empowering people to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle supported by good nutrition and safe, effective efficient exercise.  Kendell joined E Studio in May 2007 and is proud to be a part of the amazing team at E Studio.



Laura started personal training at E Studio when the doors opened in 2005. She understands the importance of staying strong yet injury free and her clients achieve this through slow-movement-high-intensity strength training. Laura will take into account your individual health history to safely achieve the results you are working towards. As a busy mother of two, she appreciates E Studio's effective, efficient and time saving workout.


Owner and personal trainer, Bonnie Christopher, knows that muscular strength and physical health are synonymous. Since 2001 she has used slow-movement high-intensity strength training to improve the lives of hundreds of clients. Bonnie and her team of personal trainers have the tools and experience to help you reach your fitness goals and enhance your quality of life.



Owner Falcon Christopher helps people from all health and fitness levels improve their quality of life. Through strength training and nutrition he has promoted the latest in exercise science since 1992.  He is rewarded by watching his clients transform their lives through a 30 minute once a week  exercise program.


Affordable and Flexible


Weekly Sessions

This is the price for one 30 minute exercise session. This fee is paid directly to the trainer supervising your session. We recommend working out only once per week and do not charge for advanced notice on sessions you cannot attend.


Monthly Membership

This is a monthly recurring fee independent of any weekly sessions purchased. This fee is paid directly to E Studio to cover fixed recurring expenses.



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