E Studio Personal Training in Santa Rosa can help anyone achieve health and fitness with our effective, efficient exercise program.  Our clients receive one-on-one personalized attention with each workout.

      You can achieve peak physical condition in less time than you think.  Most of the health and fitness industry wants you to believe that you should exercise daily or at least several times a week. Recent studies have shown that once a week strength training yields the same results as three times a week, without the wear and tear on the body.

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E Studio Personal Training

E Studio Personal Training in Santa Rosa

Get stronger today! 30 minutes once a week

   You need a realistic approach to exercise that will get you strong and keep you strong for life. 

It just isn't feasible for everyone to commit to a daily exercise plan.
Our 30 minute once a week program is extremely effective and a realistic time commitment you can stick to.

    Studies show that our slow movement protocol is one of the most effective forms of exercise, and will keep you safe by preventing traditional exercise injuries.   

Our program will help you reach  your personal goals and get you strong for life!